Murtaza Bhurgri's Portfolio



Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Govt of Sindh

Automation of Excise, Taxation & Narcotic Department. An Intranet system that connects all over Sindh(Province of Pakistan) for collecting excise duty and tax. Modules: Property Tax Module Excise & Taxation Module Narcotics Module Professional Tax Module Infrastructure tax Module (Excise & Narcotics Module)

PHP, MySql, JQuery, Javascript, Cucstom MVC, RedHat Linux Server, HTML Reporting, Database Optimization

Quran Search Engine

Holy Quran Search Engine, Developed in CodeIgniter, fully responsive developed on Bootstrap 2 and HTML 5, both front-end and back-end development. Search in Whole Quran, by keywords, Search in Any Sorha, fetch specific surah and ayah by URL, share search results, and a lot of other useful features.

php, MySql, CodeIgniter, Responsive Development, Front End, Bootstarp, Jquery, RTL development, MySQL support for RTL, Full-Text Search

Web Service for an IOS & Android Social App

A large-scale social app that facilitates users to share events and news happening surroundings, complete backend Structure with all the possible search criteria, development of Database, ERD, and code in codeigniter framework. Using HTTP verbs for GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT requests.

PHP, MySql, CodeIgniter, web service, RESTFull web service, JSON, POSTMAN

School Management System

A Basic featured School management system that manages school admissions, mark sheets, certificates, teachers, classes, and other basic functions that are mandatory for school and teaching institutes.

PHP, MySql, JQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter

Wordpress theme Development Bahrya Hotel Dubai

Development of WP theme from HTML, RTL Support, and for a language switch every text and image was editable, I used the ACF WordPress plugin to handle that situation which support me to deliver that project quickly.

PHP, MySql, Wordpress, Wordpress theme development

Woocommerce store and Fitness Web Development

Development on Woocommerce canvas theme, a fitness and gym web development from scratch, Client wanted a site he referred with the canvas theme, though there were some bottlenecks with the theme, so had to do customization.

PHP, MySql, Wordpress, Woocomerce, Wordpress Customization

Kidz- Park Activities Managment

A park that contains some activities like creating biscuits, cakes, and other children's activities. It was an amazing project on which I mostly play with Javascript to send a complete JSON and store it in the backend.

PHP, MySql, JQuery, Javascript, CodeIgniter


It was an amazing idea of mine, on which I couldn't work anymore after my completion of graduation degree and working in the industry, It was an idea like twitter on which jobseeker follows employers and employers can hire view jobseekers profiles, etc. I created my own PHP Classes for handling Employer, Jobseeker Object, and Singleton-based DB classes that handled all the db functionalities.

Core PHP, MySql, Bootstrap, ERD

Admin Panel(s)

I have great experience in displaying data in the admin area, I worked on Surveycrest, Brevo, and Kidz-Park admin panels to fetch data, and I used JS chart frameworks and libraries that enable me to show results of users, activities, and KIPs of different modules.

PHP, MySql, Javascript, HiChartjs, chartjs, Graphs

Woo File Dropzone Wordpress Plugin

Enables customers to send files directly when they purchase items, during the product detail page, cart page, or checkout page on your WooCommerce Store.

PHP, dropzonejs, Wordpress


Stock Portfolio Wordpress Plugin

This plugin was developed for one of my Singaporean clients that will enable them to display their regular stock portfolio for both short trade and long trade. The plugin fetches real-time updates using Yahoo! Stock API.

PHP, JQueryui Wordpress

Attendance Management System

This system is developed on Laravel for the attendance of Hospital facility management staff. It has HR management, Leave Management, Logs, and everything needed to manage employees' attendance.

Laravel, Bootstrap, JQuery

Hospital Facility Verification System

This is a super complex system that enables the Verification of facilities installed in the Hospital. It was developed according to the Canadian Government facility Verification System.

Laravel, Bootstrap, JQuery

Kickstarter & Indiegogo like Funding system

This was a Singapore-based Fund collection system where Users can create their campaigns regarding fund collection. Admin can manage everything on the system.

Laravel, Bootstrap, JQuery

OpenBroker WordPress Plugin

Upgraded OpenBroker WordPress plugin to V2. Added V2 GraphQL API

WordPress, Bootstrap, JQuery